So Many Great Things Are Happening Soon!!


So alot of Great things have been happening around here that have Sadly kept me away from Sobisource.

One of which is a New Tech Show Called Wired2Geek that I will be Co-starting in.

Took alot of Time and Effort to get everything setup and ready for that. There will be links up for that very soon. In the mean time you can check Out the Latest Promo Vid..


Sobisource has also Picked up a few Sponsors/part manufactures and was recently featured on a few EE Blogs..  One of which was Webtechnologyusa


There are great things coming your way. I dont want to give them all away and spoil the surprise but, trust me

it’s going to be wonderful and the projects are going to be plentiful, informative and In Full HD…

What More could one ask for….