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2.8 TFT Touch and Arduino: Basic’s

2.8 TFT Touch and Arduino: Basic’s

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Updated  to Adafruits Lastest GFX LIB’s also includes them….3/10/2013

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Clear Glass PCB’s

Jeri Ellsworth just shared a post about how Charles Lohr has developed a method for making glass PCB’s.  Charles  goes step by step in how he makes a touch controlled LED board.

This Is just ,just Hell there isn’t a word, GEEK-TASTIC. How would you use a clear PCB?

I’m thinking maybe a LED Matrix Cube With the circuits around the Outside. That Would BE epic.




Update! Corrected Datasheet…..

These are a nice Led Dot matrix I found on ebay. I picked up 12 of them for around     $14 US.

The leds are 8×8 and the total size is 32mm x 32mm.

If you want alot of leds in a small area these are great.

I bought them to use with an arduino for a led sign I was making. The only problem I ran into was trying to find a good data sheet that was also in english.

So I painstakingly Made one. You can get it below. Enjoy!

I have run across several Forums where people were all  bummed about getting these said they didn’t work with Arduino’s matrix Libraries.

Well I’m here to confirm that in fact they do work with arduino led matrix libraries and 74595,  Max7219/7221, AS1107 chips just fine.

That is after you use my datasheet and not the crap ones everywhere else on the net to wire them up correctly.

Your welcome Sobiguy OUT!

 sz421288k • DATASHEET