• Having Fuel Mixture problems?

  • Is your scooter hard to start or have idling Problems?

I have had My 150cc scooter now for many wonderful years. And with gas prices being where they are.

Riding my scooter has been a blessing. That is until the darn choke sticks open or sticks closed. Then I have to order a new one Online (because I’m cheap and there cheaper online) Then i have to deal with the scooter running like crap for a few days till i get the part in. Tearing down the scooter to change the parts. Then waiting till it happens again.

Well that’s my story anyways. You may have your own. But i digress.

This set me on the path of looking into a manual choke for my GY6 engine on my scooter.

Turns out they don’t make a oem Manual choke for gy6 carbs.

Upon Searching “The Part finder” (AKA Google). I discover there are two people who sell there own. For around 50 BUCKS! Looking at the pictures of the ones they sell which are basically a machined slide with a cable attached, I thought to myself ( ME being ME) I can build that for less than 50 bucks.

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