• Having Fuel Mixture problems?

  • Is your scooter hard to start or have idling Problems?

I have had My 150cc scooter now for many wonderful years. And with gas prices being where they are.

Riding my scooter has been a blessing. That is until the darn choke sticks open or sticks closed. Then I have to order a new one Online (because I’m cheap and there cheaper online) Then i have to deal with the scooter running like crap for a few days till i get the part in. Tearing down the scooter to change the parts. Then waiting till it happens again.

Well that’s my story anyways. You may have your own. But i digress.

This set me on the path of looking into a manual choke for my GY6 engine on my scooter.

Turns out they don’t make a oem Manual choke for gy6 carbs.

Upon Searching “The Part finder” (AKA Google). I discover there are two people who sell there own. For around 50 BUCKS! Looking at the pictures of the ones they sell which are basically a machined slide with a cable attached, I thought to myself ( ME being ME) I can build that for less than 50 bucks.


The Cost for this build is Less than 10 smackers.

Tools  Needed

  • A utility Knife (Fresh Blade
  • A Small Drill Bit
  • A pair of needle nose pliers


Parts Needed

  • Remote/universal choke cable (Scored From AutoZone for $7.99)
  • Two part Epoxy (I already had some but also from AutoZone)
  • Used Choke off of your Gy6 Carb
  • about 6″ of vaccum hose


Yep That’s Right! were going to use your old choke and convert it to a manual one.

1. So first things first it’s time to cut up your old one.

Use you Utility Knife To cut off the top part along the mold lines.

Picture Showing the mold line to cut.

Just Take your time the plastic is pretty cheap so it will cut fairly easily.

Just remember to cut the plastic not your fingers. You’ve been warned!

Do this on both side and ply it off with your fingers.

The wire will just pull out or you can help them pull out there not really attached to much just to metal plates inside to heat up the expanding wax.

Once you got the top off you can pull all the guts out.

Important!: When you pull the brass piece out of the lower housing don’t point it at your face IT’S SPRING LOADED.

After you pull all the Guts out this is want you’ll have laid out.

Not really Much going on in there huh?

2. You set get rid of the spring, the  cover you cut off and the little push pin. We won’t be using tho’s

3. We are going to drill a hole through the brass piece so we can fit the cable through.

Don’t worry all that is inside is wax. It doesn’t hurt anything.

4. Slide you vaccum hose over the cable outside

The hose is going to be used for tension and spacing when were all done. But it’s best you put it on now so you don’t forget this latter as have the next few steps you won’t be able to put it on. (I figured this out the hard way)

5. Slide your cable through the brass piece.

6. Now it time to start thinking about attaching our cable to the valve slider.

You notice the slider is hollow on the end the slides over the brass piece. What were going to do is first cut the cable to the length we need. This is really just you’ll have to play with.

The plan is to bend the end of the cable in a small spiral and glue it in the end of the slide. What i did was first because the cable was longer than i needed i practiced making the spiral in the end a few times and cut it off till i got a method down that gave me the result i was looking for.

Pictures of the hollow end of the slide and the bend I found works best.


7. Now the trick is to use the two part epoxy and glue the bend end into the bottom of the hollow side of the slide valve.

You wanna use as little epoxy as possible cause you don’t want  to fill the hole very much as that minimizes how far the valve can slide.

This picture should help.

wait for the glue to dry at least an hour before you continue.

8.  Now put it back into the lower casing make sure it all slides as it should an   As long as you put the vacuum tube on first your almost there. just slide the tube down to take up the slack. once you have it where you like zip tie the tube to the cable outside to hold it in place.

9. Epoxy the brass piece to the plastic housing and and the vacuum tube to the brass piece and let it dry over night.

Note: Make sure to keep the vacuum tube pressed against the brass piece while your gluing for a few sec’s while it sets up. You don’t want any glue on the inside of the tube cause you cable wont slide if it’s glued.

Dry it over night install the next day and enjoy your saved pennies and knowledge that you DID IT YOURSELF!