Jeremy From Writes:

JOS stands for Jeremy’s Operating System and is open source. I encourage you to use it, hack it, and do what ever you want with it. I know some might say “it’s not an operating system!” I know, but it’s just a name. It is based on Lady Ada’s TFTLCD and TouchScreen libraries. It shares some of the code from Lady Ada’s tftpaint sketch found in the TFTLCD library. It is written in the Arduino IDE and works perfect with the 2.8″ TFTLCD breakout board and the Touch Shield. This version does not support and SD card/bitmap functions as I do not have a touch shield yet. I will write these in when I get a Touch shield some day.

This was already A great piece of code Jeremy over at created.

After giving it some trial Runs. I could instantly see the potential. Tho It worked great if you are on a uno board or the ATmega: 168/328’s.  I found out quickly it wasn’t up to the task of running on a Mega 1280/2560. Which I myself use most of the time.  Thus started my quest for improvements.

Video of features after the break….

With an already Long list of features. Some needed to be setup to run both on mega and uno’s alike. Because hey, who doesn’t like universal right.

For a list of features be sure to check out jeremy’s video below or his website.

Besides just a few tweaks here and there for overall universality and performance.  The best updated new feature I’m proud to release is the latest in voltage referencing  ability.  Not only  is the code already set up to compile the correct vREF registers for chip your using  but, It can now give the most accurate Vcc reading possible using the Bandgap method reading the real voltage right at the processor. And the best part is you don’t need any extra wiring.

This means you can have the most accurate analog sensor readings possible. And the hard stuff is already done for you.

JOS Lets you save all you backlight settings and sleep settings to EEPROM so if you lose power you don’t lose your settings. This  function has also been updated to check if you have any previous saves . If you don’t this Update saves you the hassle of Manually programming your EEPROM to get started by checking for previous saves and if there is none It automatically sets your backlight and sleep functions to a default values for you. Then you just go to the settings area and change them as normal.

These are just a few of the many updates But be sure to download the latest JOS Menu interface code below. And take it for a drive.

After you’ve had a look around here at be sure to head over the and see what other projects he’s working on this week.

Download JOS v2.0 Beta HERE

Newer Version Now Available HERE