Updated Latest Libraries!!!!

“JOS”, now uses Adafruits latest’s TFTLCD and GFX Libraries on arduino IDE v1.0.3 as of this post 2013. Which are included in the download as well.  After some needed updates and conversions.  I’m very happy to let you all know it is in fact a little quicker  as well. There are still yet a few changes I want to make to rid a few repeating redundancies.

But alas I’ve received more than a few requests for updates and coding comments. So you asked and now you shall receive.

  JOS stands for Jeremy’s Operating System and is open source. I encourage you to use it, hack it, and do what ever you want with it. I know some might say “it’s not an operating system!” I know, but it’s just a name. It is based on Lady Ada’s TFTLCD and TouchScreen libraries. It shares some of the code from Lady Ada’s tftpaint sketch found in the TFTLCD library. It is written in the Arduino IDE and works perfect with the 2.8″ TFTLCD breakout board and the Touch Shield.

Jeremy Saglimbeni has written and amazing program. You’ll find tho that they begin to differ slightly as the revisions happen. I keep up with mostly arduino mega and adafruit 2.8 breakout LCDTFT. However Mine is equally suited and commented for usage on the uno and any 328/atmega board.  If tho your are using the adafruit 2.8 TFTLCD shield version Jeremy’s over at thecustomgeek.com is more actively pursuant  in the TFTLCD shield than mine. Tho both are equally suited to whatever your project.

Being as “JOS” Uses the eeprom in the arduino and any values ever stored there remain even after a power cycle. Any old values store in the eeprom can cause “JOS” To Misbehave in wierd manners untill it can place some default values in the eeprom locations it uses.

I have included a eeprom_clear sketch which zeros out all your eeprom settings and should be used first before first installing “JOS” It can also be found factory installed in arduino IDE examples under eeprom.

Be sure to check out Jeremy’s recent updates as well. Over at thecustomgeek.com.

If you have any questions or comments just ask.


Edited: 3/10/2013 Fixed some identifier Functions

Download JOS Beta v2.1.0.3 HERE