LOTS OF NEW UPDATES! These have all been personally Measured By Myself!!


Want to change the frequency on your your arduino mega?

I have painstakingly Spend many hours today going through every timer one by one and checking them on the Oscilloscope.

I can now accurately say these are all guaranteed within .05% precise… 

A lot of this info is out there on the web but not much of it is all in one place and as easy to find as right here VS. Arduino’s Forums.

Getting all this data together for my projects has taken me much effort since a lot of it was hard to completely understand when every place said refer to the datasheet.
That’s great! The french in the data sheet says yes there are timer’s and yes they can be changed, but there was no dumb dumb version in there to say , Do this, Type this here.

There is a lot of info on this for other boards like UNO etc…. but they don’t work the same on the mega’s.

Ok So…..

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